It’s another day today, another month tomorrow.

By Ratnakshi Roy

It’s another day, I guess.  

Can’t fathom if the day started or the night ended.
I am a lover of darkness. I smell peace in the dark night.
New news? Old news? Novel news?
Only borders sealed. And, humans sealed. 
Memories of March end today.
March has been eventful, for me.
Loved, lost, loved, lost, not lost… 

WFH is the new WTF
Introspecting the retrospection 
The Invisible mutation has locked me up. 
I am Alone but not lonely.
You, who rushed to everyone termed home, are you sure you ain’t lonely?
Invisible mutation is yet not mute today.
Memories of March end today. 
‘April is the cruellest month’, I read.

Ratnakshi is an Assistant Professor of English. She’s a MasterChef and is known to some of her friends as the WahbiSabi lady.

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