Chai in the times of corona: A Short Film

By Sudeshna Bhattacharya and Shahana Bhattacharya

Chai: A Short Film

When I think of comfort food, a warm cup (tumbler rather) of tea certainly features in my top five—whether as an accompaniment or sole solution. And, in times of crisis like these, everyone needs a cup of comfort, more often than usual. However, amidst the nationwide lockdown, one must make do with concoctions brewed by oneself, instead of turning to the tired maternal hands in desperate need of rest or to the chai ki tapri on the humble streetcorner for refuge. It’s no big deal really; in fact, it’s an opportunity in disguise—an opportunity to learn a new artform, an opportunity to inherit ancient tea-making secrets from seasoned experts (our loving mothers and grandmothers), and an opportunity to enjoy a quaint adda session within the comforts of your home, especially on a lazy Sunday morning.

‌You see, it’s all part of a journey—from the ever-encouraging khub bhalo hoyeche managed by your father as he takes a painful sip of your first attempt to the blissful darun murmured by him while sampling your hundredth try. And, such journeys are what make the cup of tea called life even sweeter.

Sudeshna, who has made the film, is a Senior Associate at TCS by profession and a camera enthusiast by passion.

Shahana, whose prose accompanies the film, is currently an Associate Editor at Pearson and Sudeshna’s assistant for life.

One thought on “Chai in the times of corona: A Short Film

  • April 5, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Very nice film. The message ,thought is very clear. A very good attempt. And the writeup is equally beautiful , Clear and sorted. Nicely described the situation we all are going through.


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