Lockdown: a short film on Domestic Violence

By Sudeshna Bhattacharya and Arnab Seth

It is common knowledge now that cases of domestic violence have been increasing at a scary rate. This short film tries to shed light on this very pressing issue. It is an urge to speak up about the atrocities one faces from those they are living with.

There are bound to be several reasons to keep mum about domestic violence, especially when one is financially and/or emotionally dependent on the abuser. However, one should try to accept the fact that no amount of perseverance can ease the physical pain and the emotional scar of such utter rejection of human respect and decency.

Speak up… because you definitely deserve a better and safer future. Speak up… because the lockdown which is supposed to keep you safe should not be an excuse for inflicting abuse. Speak up…to feel better about yourself.

Sudeshna is a Senior Associate at TCS by profession and a camera enthusiast by passion. This short film was made in collaboration with Arnab Seth.
The write-up is by Saptaparni Sadhu.

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