By Priyankar De

There is no end of the road
Walking and walking totally soad
My Mother! She is walking
Yes, my old mother is walking.

My wife is walking,
My son is walking,
Many feeble like me walking,
Walking and Walking and Walking.

Forgot to count how many are walking
Forgot to see how many died walking
Forgot to remember who died walking
Our only work Walking, Walking, Walking.

Months covered walking
Days passed walking
Hours, minutes going just walking
No cries, no pains in walking
Keep Walking, Walking, Walking.

No food so keep walking,
No water so keep walking,
No bus for us so keep walking,
No smart ticket so keep walking,
Walking and Walking and Walking.

Life in thousand miles just walking
I can’t breathe more walking.
I fell while walking
Let’s sleep no more walking
Sleep! No more Walking, Walking, Walking

Priyankar is currently pursuing M.A in English Literature and Language from the University of Calcutta. Poetry is his hobby.

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