by Suparna Mal

Roads have turned into silent graveyards,
Round the world millions have lost their lives,
People on the street are dying of hunger,
Yet I dream to survive.

Hearts of millions have been filled with fear,
As all wish to be alive;
Millions over the world have been rendered homeless,
Yet I dream to survive.

People in hospitals are fighting with Death,
Millions are struggling for life,
Thousands at home are shivering with fear
Yet I dream to survive.

For I’m like a storm who can blow away Death;
Like the lion who, though late,
Will surely contrive, and so
In spite of millions of pain,
Yet I dream to survive.

I won’t be afraid of anything in my way,
Rather fight till the final end; If I win
I’ll be a survivor; if I lose, a martyr
And would definitely step into heaven.
Death cannot drag me until I wish to die,
Until I choose not to dream, not to strive,
And till I dream my life wouldn’t end,
So yet I dream to survive.

Suparna is a high school student.

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