Life debts

By Ronnie J Baroi

Life debts

O let me hear your prayer and gently put you down to sleep;
With this pill of poison let us rest together six feet deep.
Take me back to the world I belong,
For it is something I believe,
And in memories let me live,
And gladly hear a mourning song.

From my hollow down below,
Take little notice of the crow
As I consciously sleep in the field
Under the roots of trees I feed,
And in silence, watch them grow,
Who in its arms, shelter the very crow.

The shady branches I once cut,
Watch me lying in the dirt
Unable to move, unwilling to stay,
But it was there I rested, it was there I lay;
A final resting place for the planet’s needs,
Oh! I’m glad I planted seeds,

For, now I have company

Ronnie, 26 years young, was born and raised in a nomadic carefree lifestyle with a high sense of freedom and adventure. He comes from a family of educators who instilled in him a strong desire to read and write stories.

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