Duty of Mankind: A Poem

By Suparna Mal

Those sun-burnt feet, drowsy of walking long
Through the endless miles, back to their nests’,
In search of some food and a few drops to drink,
Of a place where at peace they could take rest.
But they yet walk, for they yet keep hope,
That someday the road would finally end,
And they would reach their home.

Those warm hands, which had once earned,
Is now on the verge of freezing forever,
That smile which once shone like the Sun,
Would probably be seen again never.
But they are fighting, at the hospital bed,
Fighting to hold back life in their body,
For they yet dream to survive.
That furious night, that nightmarish storm,
Had rendered millions of people homeless,
Which blew away their house and the trees,
And in their lives bought sorrows endless.
But yet they dream that things will heal,

That someday their house will be rebuilt,
That someday they will be happy again.

Too many sorrows, too many wounds,
So many pains to deal with at a time,
Shouldn’t we extend our hands of help?
Isn’t it the duty of mankind?

Suparna is a high-school student.

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