Art Edition: Day 1 – Renan Kaleli

Renan Kakeli

Renan Kaleli is an Istanbul based artist who has trained in various art studios in Grenoble, France; New York and Miami, USA. In his individualistic style — using mixed media — through paint, photographs, graphics, colors, and forms, Renan intends his art to expand our curiosity and imagination so we can connect, understand and adapt to our ever-changing world better. 

Renan believes that humans cannot stop innovating and creating. This inevitably leads to a technologically advanced energy-intensive way of life that takes a toll on the environment, animals and plants which suffer as a result of our man-made environmental disasters. This includes carbon pollution which has led to global warming. However, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, that has spread to humans from bats, the world has put its breaks on the normal way of life with enormous financial repercussions. He hopes this incident serves as a wake-up call, so we start living in a more environmentally respectful way, in harmony with animals as well as plants – in balance. His paintings Landlord and Homeless Penguins reflect this sentiment. 

Five paintings by Renan were recently selected in the United Nations COVID-19 Briefs, among 16,000 participants. These paintings can be found here

Renan credits Edward Hopper’s realist paintings and prints, which depict urban and rural scenes,  as an influence that always excited and inspired him.  This propelled him to capture via light and depict modern life through his paintings, photographs and mixed media art.  You can find more of Renan’s work on his website and his instagram profile.

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