Art Edition, Day 6 – Upasana Chakraborty

Upasana Chakraborty

Upasana started drawing in 2014 when the student’s movement Hokkolorob was on and many artists would visit her university for protests and leave only after they had made their voices heard through stunning graffiti on gender politics. She realised the power of art when the university administration started spending a lot of money on whitewashing the same walls. 

Upasana started drawing so that she could keep existing with the complexities she had always borne within her. Since then, drawing became a form of meditation for her. The process of painting gives her immense calm and helps her sort through the thoughts swirling in her cloudy and anxious head. Art has afforded her freedom even in this lockdown. Art has shaped her personality, such that she can finally claim to tolerate as well as accept her own self.

Take a look at the stunning as well as thought-provoking artworks she has shared with us, accompanied with a short background on each:

“I drew this during the migrant worker crisis. I was reminded of my grandfather’s walk to India following the refugee crisis during Partition. I was reminded of how he managed to flee Bangladesh and his escape secured the generations to come. It was a very important walk for our whole family to survive in this country we call our own now.”

“A drawing depicting the act of trying to deal with a Panic attack triggers and failing. Since the lockdown, I have used water to cope with raging anxiety. This is an illustration where a very tired me is sitting in a corner in the bathroom and letting anxiety do it’s work.”

In the three paintings that follow, Upasana has mostly concentrated on the faces of women to bring out various uncomfortable moments that one goes through but which are difficult to articulate as one single emotion. 

In the hope that journalism will be free again, one day.

The worldwide refugee and food crisis triggered this drawing.

“I was re-reading Agha Sahid Ali’s a country without a post office when this picture happened. This piece is also meant to commemorate the NRC protests that were going on all over the country.”

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.”

“Green is the colour of the heart chakra. It has a lot to do with love. Here, I have mixed some amount of gold paint for the shimmer. Green fascinates me. This drawing made me feel very empowered.” 

Dealing with insomnia and missing loved ones

You can know more about Upasana’s works on her Instagram page.

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