First Rain: A Poem

By Arpit Nayak

Killing the heat and dry wind, how beautiful is this first rain!
Seems like god watering nature with his kindness,
It feels like something magical to my senses —
The freshness of this cool breeze and those trees,
The sight of those dark clouds from my window,
The pleasant fragrance of the rain soaked soil,
The color of the changing sky, the voice of the thunderstorm
The sensation of this first rain — brings joy to my heart, my body,
Takes my mind to an adventurous journey in the olden days.

Stepping out of my room, I close my eyes and, with wide open arms,
I embrace those raindrops, feel them on my face,
And the odour of this wild and free first rain…
Takes away all my misery, my pain.

Photo Courtesy: Devansh Shah

Arpit is a thoughtful mind, working in the corporate sector.

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3 thoughts on “First Rain: A Poem

    • July 26, 2020 at 9:25 pm

      Loved the last Part- “take away all my misery and all pain’ good work by writer you guys have amezing writers..


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