Dystopia 3030

By Debadrita Sur

As I step out of comfort and look around me
I see terror and horror grappling humanity
Incessantly, the dead pile up in the city mortuaries
Waiting to be disposed – their plastic-wrapped lifeless bodies.

Sick and fragile, thousands wait on the roads
With sore throats, burning fever, they croak like toads
Screaming for help, they lie distressed on the streets
Moments after, they too are wrapped in those sheets

The government, still in denial, says we are doing great
“We are better than others” – useless banter and debate
The healthy lack compassion, shunning away the sick
The ailing fear social lynching – their tears fall thick

Survive, survive, survive, survive,
Into an unknown abyss, all are compelled to dive
Close ones die, yet no time to grieve
In this dystopia, all we have to do is to try, and somehow, live.

Debadrita Sur is a student of English Literature at Presidency University, Kolkata. She is a serial procrastinator who dreams of travelling the world, swimming with sharks and finding inner peace someday! 

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