The Farmer’s Field: A Poem

By Ronnie J Baroi

It is not easy to paint the fields yellow,
It takes time for a sapling to grow;
You till the soil, you irrigate the field,
You sow the seeds, and you harvest the yield.

If anyone said that is easy,
It is not so simple as it seems,
You need to make the soil cozy,
And let the plant feed on sunbeams

It isn’t easy to grow a tree,
And yet we deforest mindlessly.
When will greed end, when will contentment be found?
For what goes round, sure comes around.
The next generation, I am sure will end,
In silence, without a sound.

Ronnie, 26 years young, was born and raised in a nomadic carefree lifestyle with a high sense of freedom and adventure. He comes from a family of educators who instilled in him a strong desire to read and write stories.

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