Kolkata in the times of Corona: A Prose Poem

By Debosree Manna

Much of the ‘city sweats ‘ this year didn’t fall on the busy roads while gazing at disconsolate signal lights, but fell in rooms while dusting floors, computers or in kitchens while cooking a ‘delicate poach’.

The city people have substituted the word ‘busy’ during phone calls with forgotten phrases like “Are you free? Can we talk?”. The trees are greener and we are taking time to observe that once hurriedly eaten Aam (mango) growing in the neighbour’s tree and wishing it to fall off in the next Kalbaisakhi.

Kolkata would again crimson over livelihoods wrapped up in trinkets, earrings in busy Gariahat stalls, addas in roadside Chai shops and darken with “Chol, kal dekhahocche! (See you tomorrow!) ” outside University and school gates.

Debosree completed her 12th Boards during the pandemic. She plans to pursue English as a core subject in College. As for writing, she likes to pour down everything which comes to her mind. 

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