Ode to my Wristwatch: A Poem

By Tamoha Majumdar

There was a time
When time used to be on your hand
Ticking against the arteries
Like the beating of the pulse.
Tiny silver arms racing against
Missed buses and cabs,
Competing with subway trains
And weary legs
Trying to reach their destination.

Restless eyes were caught
Squinting at the rounded glass
Waiting for the last lecture to end,
The dull event that
You were forced to attend
Or the traffic jam
Between important appointments
And unfulfilled promises.

You don’t carry time with you anymore.
You sit with it in a closed room
Hung against a nail
There’s something overpowering
About wall clocks,
Like a person staring at your face
Breathing against your neck
To remind you of their silent presence,
Like a Reaper counting the hours
Before your death.

I have stopped counting time
By the seconds and minutes.
It is only in hours now,
The hour I cook
The hour I bathe
The hour to feed the cats
The hours spent on blue screens
Filling the head with
Information and misinformation,
Hope and disdain.
Hours wasted in between
Waking and sleeping.
Each day is the same.

All these months
Withered away in my study
With everyone else,
Without anyone else.
Stuck in a dull
Monotonous event
We were forced to attend,
We cannot escape from
Only wait for it to end.

Except, it doesn’t end;
Cells run out of power,
Pages run out of calendars
And you are there,
Staring at the empty space
On your wrist
Where those leather straps
Which are rotting away now
Used to hold your world in place,
Thinking about the time
When you had time on your hands.

Tamoha is an English Undergraduate in her final year, studying at Bethune College, Kolkata. She loves to write poetry, analyse and interpret movies, shows, anime or any sort of popular culture. She also likes to invent new metaphors out of mundane objects and events. Sometimes she creates art and is obsessed with cats.

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