Art Edition, Day 7: Ferit Özdemir

Ferit Özdemir

Ferit was born in Diyarbakır, Turkey, in 1982. He has always been interested in painting since an early age. His secondary school teachers inspired him a lot from a very tender age as he was fascinated by them and they were always painting.

While preparing for the university, Ferit did not want to choose a subject that would require him to memorize a lot of information and explain it to his students. He wanted to produce art because it led him to express things, not based on his memory, but his skills. He wanted to become a painting teacher.

Ferit took the Diyarbakır Dicle University Painting Department exam, and passed it. He studied at Dicle University, because his family did not have the financial means to help him study elsewhere. Soon after, Ferit and two of his brothers started working as art teachers at the Armoni Art Workshop (2002), where he worked till 2008. Between 2010-2013, Ferit served as an art teacher at the Final College. Following his tenure there, he taught Art at Yükseliş College from 2013-2016. At present, he is an Art Teacher at the Ministry of Education.

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