Art Edition 2, Day 5: Mehmet Sinan Kuran

Mehmet Sinan Kuran

Self-taught painter Mehmet Sinan Kuran began his art career by sketching in journals. Internally driven and emotionally charged, Mehmet’s original miniature sketches have been described as “complex yet uplifting” paintings. “I have been drawing every single thought in my head”, says Kuran. He made art all throughout his life which led him to gather the pieces of his collective consciousness and stream them onto his works, creating his original style. The artist’s innate talent, fuelled by the tradition of Dutch Painter Hieronymus Bosch, speaks wildly through his electric colors, illustrating the visionary madness of his inner world. 

Kuran was one of the few artists who courageously held a physical art show titled “Posthumous”, at the Anna Laudel art gallery in Istanbul, as soon as the quarantine was lifted.  Kuran explained:

“When the pandemic started, I was about to open my exhibition. For about a year, I had been preparing for the exhibition “Posthumous”. It means taking place after one’s death. The timing is interesting. Most of the time artists were appreciated only after their death. This is quite sad. Because artists open up to people. They share their feelings in an intimate way. They want you to become aware that a life different from the life you know, is possible. Such a subtle behavior does not deserve such treatment.  When I wake up every morning, I think how lucky I am and what a miracle it is to live. I’m healthy, my darling is sleeping next to me, the sun is about to rise … And on top of it all, it’s spring. A brand-new day, a brand-new life. Everything is possible. We are very lucky to be able to breathe. We shouldn’t feel that we are entitled to everything. We did not sign a contract while coming to this world. We must be aware of the privilege we have.

My happiness has never been conditional. There were times when I had no place to sleep and no food to eat. Even then, I was in a good mood. The same goes for the quarantine period. It’s all about living. I don’t believe in a distinction between good days and bad days. In order for a day to be called a good day it is in need of the bad. Light needs darkness, hot needs cold. They are only beautiful when they are together. We have to understand one thing now. We are not the owners of this world. We are guests. We are no different than an antelope or a lizard. As guests, we must respect this magnificent planet. We must live elegantly. By trying to be beneficial to our environment. By sharing. It is certain that beautiful days lie ahead. Change has begun.

Kuran’s works are available for display in private museums and collections.  You can find more of his work on his website, on his Instagram pages and on Facebook.

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