Art Edition 2, Day 6: Shinjini Dey

Shinjini Dey

Shinjini Dey lives in Kolkata, India. The lockdown gave her an opportunity to reconnect with Art. For her, it always starts with an interest in a new technique, a new medium or a new theme that fascinates her. She relishes that sense of discovery. She feels good to be able to get back to painting after many years.

Shinjini specializes in acrylic painting and pencil shading. She focuses primarily on portraits, landscapes and framing nature in all its glorious detail. Everyday after work, she tries to take an hour or two for herself, and in that span, she paints. She usually ends up posting her paintings on Instagram and adds a few lines to them. Here are some of her recent works accompanied by her own words:

Image 1: At times, the colours of the sky can connect us with so many emotions. The blues run from pale to near-royal. Sometimes it’s easy and light, while it is bright and clear at other times. 

This was my first painting in the landscape series, where I chose to shift a bit from realism to create a combo of a dramatic sky with the magic of mountains.

Image 2: Monsoon has always been every artist’s inspiration. I am no different.

Monsoon is another one from the series of landscape paintings where I have tried to create a soothing dull-grey cloud enveloping the sky, specifically by applying cool colours to paint a scene of peace and beauty.

Image 3: Dusk – the last piece from the landscape series. Here, I created a palette of warm colours, mixed different shades, experimented with saturation to create a warm tint, as a sunset typically screams dramatic red and yellow. However, there is also depth and excitement as we get the chance to use bold colours and spread it all across the canvas. 

Images 4 & 5: To all that is green. This painting is from the second series where I have decided to focus, experiment with and showcase detailing. I made this piece more vibrant by making the background dark and slightly blurred. With that, I finished this painting by adding a bit of orange and white at the tips.

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One thought on “Art Edition 2, Day 6: Shinjini Dey

  • August 31, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    I was left absolutely awestruck at all the pieces. Soon after seeing your first work, followed your page and I have been a fan. All the paintings are so extraordinary that you actually can’t choose a favourite!! I have never seen such amazing work in my lifetime. You simply inspire.!


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