What If You Are God?

By Pallavi Das

Well… If you are, congratulations and welcome on earth. But since the question mark at the end suggests that you are not yet sure, it is important that you are careful about a few things. Namely,

  1. Choose a religion only when you are absolutely sure that you, indeed, are God.
  2. Be careful about your food preferences.
  3. Be prepared to handle a lot of workload, especially given the blessing of a virus!
  4. Hire a good security agency.
  5. Share good rapport with agnostics and atheists. They can be helpful in dangerous situations.
  6. Do remember that women love you as dearly as men.

It would be great to have you on earth. We could definitely use some help. However, if you are not the one, then may God help you!

Pallavi, by her own admission, almost always fails to mesmerize. She has never swept anyone off the floor. She is here only to plant the little seed of questions.

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