Swastisha Mukherjee

I love how the quiet solitude of the evening
by the sound of dhaaks in your suburban lanes
collide with the anarchy in your heart
and you have the evening turn up
at your place
an ashen blue man
and you know
Pujo is a storm in ecstasy
you are the storm
your ecstasy is the masterpiece
and you feel happy but you feel happy at all these soundscapes
because happiness you are afraid is more like being possessed
this ashen blue man
you are afraid he might dissipate from your head
maybe he is giving you the psychedelic edge
but happiness like love is intangible
it cannot be touched it can be felt
and you wonder whether Pujo can be touched or felt
but it leaves happy scars
it leaves love scars you want to visit revisit
from a beautiful nostalgic wound
like time, an old friend
Pujo is wishing the night would never end
It’s like a vacation from yourself
Pujo is
wishing Navratri would never end
those nine nights with the Goddess
Pujo is…

Swastisha Mukherjee is a media studies student and a writer, blogger and poet.

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