Nobody’s listening

By Ronnie J Baroi

Nobody’s listening…
Amidst the cacaphony of violent voices,
I plead, I weep silently in distress,
And find comfort in unabated solace.

I try to cry, but the tears won’t fall,
I try to walk, but I can only crawl,
My feet are tied, my lips are sealed,
For not a single word can be revealed.

My confidant has found a shallow well,
But there’s so much that I still have to tell,
About the ground caving underneath,
And my rebellion in the face of defeat.

There’s nobody any more who will listen,
Nobody who will care how I fare,
As I stare and glare and I begin to dare,
The abyss just seems to deepen.

The voices amplified by a gravity well,
Get sucked into a narrow funnel,
Unable to leave the blackhole of its own thoughts,
For nobody’s listening, and nobody will.

Ronnie, 26 years young, was born and raised in a nomadic carefree lifestyle with a high sense of freedom and adventure. He comes from a family of educators who instilled in him a strong desire to read and write stories.

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