Art Edition 3, Climate Week, Day 4: Madhurima Majumdar

Madhurima Majumdar

Madhurima Majumdar studied at Rabindra Bharati University for six years in the midst of nature. During her time there, her introduction to Tagore’s writings inspired her to look at nature differently and she learned to describe nature from the works of the great poet. Reading about Nature while being in its midst helped her grow both as a person as well as an artist.

Madhurima hails from a small town and has seen her town change in a short period of a few years. The rapid urbanization with all its construction work makes living spaces look significantly different, perhaps makes the world look better on the outside, but it comes at the cost of harming our environment and our ecosystem.

In her work, she tries to capture the changes that come with urbanization – with its bridges, cars, skyscrapers and roads. She cares deeply about the cause of the environment and, hence, choose to have her work reflect on the ways in which our natural resources are being constantly exhausted. She has also tried imagining these modern cities, along with the consequences of their existence.

In Kolkata, where she now lives, she often longs to find a place to sit and look at the vast blue sky from, without the obstructions of buildings, skyscrapers and construction work. She longs for a view that would make her feel less suffocated, less claustrophobic. In her work, she seeks to tell how time and nature has been destroyed by humans.

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