Interview with International Gallerist Cem Aggelos Ustuner

The Times of Corona spoke to the International Gallerist Cem Aggelos Ustuner, the owner of Pinelo Art Gallery for our Art Edition 3.

Firstly, we spoke about Cem’s thoughts about COVID-19 and how he kept himself busy during this unprecedented year.

Cem pointed out that “COVID-19 is the most devastating plague to ravage humankind this century. Every day the number of patients infected with coronavirus is rising globally. Lockdowns are being instituted once again in many countries. As I try to survive this pandemic, a part of me wonders whether the ecological imbalance caused by humans might have contributed to the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world.  Whether nature is calling for us to wake-up? For these reasons, I am especially proud that 9 climate change and coronavirus themed digital art shows I produced this year will be at display at London Climate Action Week (LCAW) during November 14 to 22, 2020.” 

“Needless to say, the art world has been profoundly affected by this COVID-19 crisis with the shutting down of galleries, museums, art centers, economic hardship, struggle, and loss of human life. I adjusted my business model this year from producing physical International art shows in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Turkey, USA to producing International digital art shows for artists — from Japan, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA — during this year.”

“When the lockdowns were lifted,  I continued holding physical International art shows — in Bulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine — by adhering to the strict social distancing rules. I am planning physical art shows for Sweden, Ukraine and the USA for the next year. Fingers crossed.”  

Next, we moved on to talk about the 9 climate change and coronavirus themed art shows Cem produced on display at LCAW.

Cem explained, “This has been an unprecedented year with the worldwide corona pandemic and the quarantine. I assisted 12 artists launch 9 digital art shows with 146 paintings by 6 artists that have been acknowledged in 13 international art competitions and will be at display at LCAW as follows:

Art CompetitionCountryArtist/# of Paintings
United Nations COVID-19 BriefsInternationalSelva Ozelli (14) Rana Balkis (2)
United Nations Global Goals CompetitionInternationalFatma Kadir (34) Selva Ozelli (34) Serife Akkan ( 16) Semine Hazar (16)
Fine Art Addict Art CompetitionInternationalSelva Ozelli (1) Gold Medal
Creative Canvas First International Art CompetitionInternationalFatma Kadir  (1) Renaissance Award Selva Ozelli (1) Finalist
Biology Society South Australia Art Competition University of Adelaide,AustraliaSelva Ozelli (2)
Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Art in the Time of Corona Competition,IndiaSelva Ozelli (1)
World Environment Day International Art Competition by the Department of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of BiharIndiaFatma Kadir (4) Selva Ozelli (3) Serife Akkan (1)
Biodiversity Department of the Department of Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht IrelandFatma Kadir (16)
Nature Art Competition at Connemara National ParkIrelandFatma Kadir (4)
Portakal Cicegi Project, for Orphans of COVID-19 Healthcare ProfessionalsTurkeySelva Ozelli (3), Fatma Kadir  (2) Semine Hazar (1), Resul Uzay Rzayev (1)
Niall Horan Heartbreak Weather Art CompetitionUnited KingdomSelva Ozelli (2)
National Human Rights Art Competition, DC, USAUnited StatesSelva Ozelli (1)
Environmental Education Collaborative 2020 Environmental Art Contest, CA, USAUnited StatesSelva Ozelli (1) Runner Up

Next, we discussed the benefits of digital art shows.

Cem said, “The good thing about a digital art show — which is likely going to be part of the art landscape going forward until the pandemic subsides — is that the artwork reaches a wider viewer audience globally and can be relaunched. The 9 art shows at display at LCAW were registered United Nation World Environment, Oceans, Desertification, Clean Air for Blue Skies Days’ digital events that have been published by the World’s first climate change Museum The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change – Hong Kong, Climate Museum, UK and more than 190 other museums in over 40 countries  around the world.”

Lastly, we asked Cem how artists who want to launch digital art shows can get in touch with him. Cem informed that he can be reached at:

Cem Ustuner, Owner of Pinelo Art Gallery
Melek Ozercan, Director of Pinelo Art Gallery
Pinelo Art Gallery
Address:  Ergenekon, 4 2 16, Halaskargazi Cd., 34373 Şişli/İstanbul
Phone:  90 212 249 78 71
Facebook:  @pinelogallery
Instagram: @pineloartgallery

Team ToC sincerely thanks Selva Ozelli for arranging the interview with Cem Ustuner for Art Edition 3, Climate Week.

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