Art Edition 3, Climate Week, Day 7: Çilem Bulut

Çilem Bulut

Çilem Bulut was born in 1973. She has been painting for as long as she can remember.

Especially in times of difficulties, she challenges despair and darkness through her paintings. In her paintings, she dreams of a world where everything is possible, with differences and contrasts intertwined.

Çilem tries to express that all the energies in the universe and our planet are knit together. In other words, she tries to express the feeling that all things in existence are intertwined and that it is only possible to coexist mutually. The philosophy behind her art is to create hope where there is none. 

With her art, Cilem intends to break conventions and explore new arenas of the medium. It is with this feeling that she started painting again in the times of Corona. During the days of lockdown and quarantine, she painted so as not to allow fear to master her heart. She challenged herself and painted because she believes in hope for good days to come.

Being a congenitally disabled person with 92 percent SMA, her body remains at home. However, her soul and heart are always free. She constantly challenges what life throws at her.

To see more of Çilem’s artwork, visit her Instagram profile here.

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