Art Edition 3, Climate Week, Day 8: Dibakar Moral

Dibakar Moral

Dibakar Moral is 24 years old artist from Tinsukia, Assam, India. He completed his graduation with an Honours in English and completed his degree in Fine Arts from Assam Fine Arts & Craft Society, Guwahati. 

The one thing that inspires Dibakar to create his art, is the aesthetic vision stemming from deeper emotions, that gives a meaningful expression to pain, love, anger, etc.  He started creating his art when he was only about 5 years old. Since then, his passion for art has only been intensifying. 

So many years of learning, practice and dedicated hard work have been conducive to his creativity. Colours play a crucial role in his art in creating the desirable outcome. For Dibakar, the most important thing that one must learn through his/her working experience, is that in the field of art, learning never stops. 

Dibakar thinks that every now and then, we come across many beautiful works of eminent artist’s all over the world which not only give us a motivation to work harder, but also to learn from them. A proper guidance can shape us in every aspect of it. Like in a stroke, every colour has its own identity and depth, each and every artist has their own, thinks Dibakar.

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