Chaotic Epiphany

Shatabdi Chakravorty

The times are chaotic conglomeration of  pseudo political acclamations and falsifying hopes. The Homo sapiens, due to this pandemic are constantly under a pandemonium of their psyche. The thoughts are innumerable but the room to hold them has been constrained to a single attic of subconscious self. 

The comfort of attic may seem comfortable but is it comfortable enough to hold the innumerable artistic yet repressed thought?

Does it have the capability to enhance the deep rooted spiritual aspect of the psyche? 

Initially, the enigmatic attic might seem to be a comfortable space but what lies within the deepest unconscious attic of the psyche requires a room full of rainbow and enunciation of our inner self. The magnificence of the chaos that our heart holds within an attic might be epiphanic if given a proper sense of belonging. The sense of epiphany isn’t an arbitrary sense but an immortal divinity of love that lies within the beauty of chaos. 

Shatabdi is doing her Master’s in English from The Bhawanipur Education Society College (Calcutta University). 

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