Art Edition 4: Interview with Mr. Austin Joseph, Institute of International Knowledge Management

Austin Joseph

We are glad to feature an interview with Mr. Austin Joseph, Head of Operations of the Institute of International Knowledge Management, Sri Lanka. The institute has been conducting several engaging conferences and encouraging research on issues that are current and important. This article provides essential resources to participate and know more about the institution and its activities.

What is the function of the Institute of International Knowledge Management (TIIKM)?

Since 2012, the Institute of  International Knowledge Management has organized conferences that serve as a platform for transforming and promoting international exchange of innovative, ground breaking ideas between academia, industry and the Sri Lankan government to build towards a sustainable future.

At TIIKM, conferences and researches which are revolutionizing Asian research culture are showcased and published in their research papers that are focused on the following seven areas:

  • Education & Learning
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Art & Media
  • Social Sciences
  • Science & Technology
  • Women & Gender
  • Management

Research papers presented at TIIKM conferences are selected with the support of highly qualified academics around the world. Promising academicians, students, researchers  are also supported by scholarships. 

Does TIIKM collaborate with governments, universities, and organizations?

TIIKM collaborates with Sri Lankan Government Ministries, over 100 universities globally as well as companies, NGOs, museums and other organizations at its conferences.

Which countries have you held TIIKM conferences in and how have you been holding conferences during the pandemic?

TIIKM has held conferences predominantly in the Asia Pacific countries of China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka Thailand and Vietnam. However, during this year, it will also expand to Europe, with a planned conference in Italy.  

During the pandemic, TIIKM-O has successfully concluded over 40 international and local webinars in collaboration with over 100 International and local partner affiliates with a capacity to accommodate up to 1000 participants remotely.

How many international environment-related conferences does TIIKM hold each year?

TIKKM holds two environment related conferences each year. It has annually conducted the International Conference Climate Change (ICCC) since 2016 and the World Conference on Waste Management (WCWM) since 2019. 

What was the theme for your 2021 WCWM?

The theme of 2021 WCWM was building towards a sustainable circular economy. 

Were there any presenters at 2021 WCWM who addressed Covid-19 related waste matters. If so, can you please share papers, videos, photos on this topic with us?

We do not have exact paper titles related to Covid-19 but, there is an abstract book of WCWM 2021 for your reference. 

At the 2021 WCWM, were there any presentations about the  #Maskuary Campaign. If so, could you please share papers, videos, photos on this topic with us?

Yes, Environmentalist, Artist, Writer and Lawyer Selva Ozelli participated in the 2021 WCWM with 5 of her art shows. Her work was related to the #Maskuary Campaign.  

The United Nations declared 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. Accordingly, what is the theme for your 8th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH) 2021?

The theme of 2021 ICOAH is “Health in the Arts and Humanities”, where the #MASKUARY CAMPAIGN art shows which are on exhibit at 2021 London Climate Action Week (#2021LCAW) will be showcased. These are:

1.  Art in the Time of Corona 3 – Recovery Roses by Selva Ozelli 

2.  Art in the Time of Corona 4 – Recovery Roses by Selva Ozelli 

3. Spring Amidst Mist and Masks by Ilhan Sayin 

4. Maskuary – Guarding Nature by Fatma Kadir

5. Sea Watcher 2 – Maskuary by Semine Hazar 

To reach out to the TIIKM and find out more about their conferences and to participate, you can contact:

Address: #531/18, Kotte Road, Pita Kotte,
10100, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 20 444 80


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