About Us

The Times of Corona aims to share stories, emotions, anxieties, experiences and all other things human in the times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The initiative also encourages to create, educate, share and empathize. The Times of Corona is an archive of opinions, feelings and thoughts collected in real-time. 

What we Publish

We publish Covid narratives and all kinds of Literature and Art: stories, opinions, photography, journal, poetry, all of it.

Disclaimer: The Times of Corona is an open platform which invites all schools of thought and opinion. However, we do not necessarily endorse the opinion pieces published by our platform.

Note: We do not claim copyright to the work of our contributors: your work published with us can be published elsewhere without our consent.

The Team:

Ritwik is an organic farmer based in Raiganj, West Bengal. Since his childhood, he has nurtured more than a hundred species of flowers, herbs, vegetables and trees. Much of what he eats at home is home-grown. He is also an Assistant Professor of English at a College in Kolkata and a Researcher at Jadavpur University. He hates smelly-feet, pesticides and idiots, and he likes nothing in particular. He works at the backend of the website, publishing the articles and performing maintenance. In 2018, he co-founded Wordloop Studio, an initiative to improve research quality and accelerate scientific publication by providing language services to Indian researchers at affordable prices.

Saptaparni is a Content Editor at a corporate firm in Kolkata and has been a student of Literature at Presidency University and Bethune College. She is also a trained Odissi dancer and an occasional poet. She isn’t sure if she likes waffles. Saptaparni believes anime and lemon should be taken more seriously. She helps with editing the submissions as well as with some of the back-end HTML configurations and managing the social media handles of the website.

Sritama is a Research Scholar at Jadavpur University and a High School teacher at a school in South Kolkata. She is an editor at the Times of Corona who also reviews content and handles the social media for the webzine.

Bhaskar is a student, currently living under a big yellow tree in Hyderabad. He likes everything about Soviets, Seafood, and Sociology. Currently he is planning to learn Spanish to take Bengali literature to Latin America.

Our Story:

Ritwik had been bombarding Saptaparni’s WhatsApp with a barrage of news pieces and articles on the Coronavirus outbreak when she jokingly said they could open a news website with the repository of articles associated with the pandemic they had already collected. Ritwik, being Ritwik, took this a bit too seriously and they ended by buying a domain, a hosting service and, voila, The Times of Corona came into existence. Once the initial arrangements were made, they realised this platform could be used to actually publish original content instead of news already published on other media. They started with a simple article on Coronavirus Prevention Tips.

Sritama came into the fray once she had written her first article for The Times of Corona, a few days after the webzine began posting content. Since all three members have day jobs, it has been a great help to have three hands on the deck – one taking up from where the other left off.